Redmi Watch marks with its colorful interface and design

Real estate on the wrist is a reality and what we wear on the wrist speaks volumes. But a person who is new to smartwatches may not be comfortable wearing the best because it can be expensive and secondly, digital watches may not be the “trick” for the person in question. For a smartwatch newbie, it makes sense to start with affordable options before moving up the price ranks.

Since Redmi phones are almost everywhere, it makes sense to also try the Redmi Watch, which has just hit the market. This is Redmi’s first smartwatch and no, it doesn’t look like the Rolex Datejust 16013 that Christian Bale wore in American Psycho. Design-wise, it’s cut from the same fabric as the Apple Watch, but the Redmi effort is sort of an extension of the Redmi phone. Not flashy and it doesn’t sound like “dude is burning money” it does everything it promises.

Look, flaws can easily be found on more expensive devices, but let’s not forget that under Rs 4000 this smartwatch has a decent value. The target audience includes those who pay attention to their wallet, research certain features, and want to see what a smartwatch can offer.

Out of the box the watch looks clean as long as it isn’t the white variant. The bezels are biggish but here is a device with a 350 nits screen. It is very bright for the TFT LCD screen. Playing content on the 1.4 inch screen with 320×320 resolution is not a problem at all. After wearing it for six days, I had no skin irritation and was able to go through without a load. There is only one button on the side, which takes the user deep into the main menu.

It could have been a complicated relationship with the menu interface, as everything comes in the form of icons with no labels. The icons were well designed and I really didn’t confuse sleep mode with the workout icon!

There are a few things to love about the Redmi Watch. First, the monitoring of heart rate and steps is quite good. In addition, it comes with a GPS for tracking races. Although slightly slow of the block, like a few minutes to connect to a signal, it does a good job with the mapping. The mode is convenient when you walk or run without a smartwatch. Second, the training modes are limited to the things most of us need: walking, running, cricket, swimming, hiking, etc. Third, sleep tracking might be a useful feature for some, but personally I don’t think it’s worth worrying about your watch throwing up the next day; digital anxiety is the last thing I need.

What is missing is oxygen monitoring. Personally, having a SpO2 reading is pretty pointless, especially considering the situation where a slight drop in oxygen saturation gives us a nightmare. So what do you do with a reading ?! At the same time, competing brands are offering it at a similar price. Whether Redmi likes it or not, the missing feature could make the buyer choose another brand.

But if this smartwatch scored high, it’s the battery life, which easily lasts seven to eight days before using the pogo connector for charging. Redmi as a brand is enjoying huge success in India, but over the last few years Amazfit has been able to achieve a lot of success in the smartwatch category with options like the Amazfit Bip U. And it There is also Noise ColorFit Pro 3.

That said, the Redmi Watch scores points with its colorful interface and design, but the company needs to come up with more devices in the category to keep it functioning.

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