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All investments are in positive territory and all tipsters are sticking to their current picks as they seek to catch up with the leader.

I asked 10 stock market professionals, investment writers, and bloggers for their best investing ideas for 2021 (and beyond) – here’s the biannual update.

All predictions are in positive territory, with the smallest company of the lot having extended its lead after taking the lead in this friendly competition.

As with all equity investments, past performance is no guarantee of the future, but everyone sticks to their current horses and hopes to catch up with the leader.

For reference, here is the original article ‘Investment advice for 2021: Some ideas from professionals‘and here’s a link to the Q1 update’Investment advice for 2021: the choice of small caps takes the lead in the first quarter‘.

– Andrew Hore, editor-in-chief of AIM Journal

LON: SBTX: up 310% to date (from 15.5p to 63.5p)

“The positive results of the AxisBiotix-Ps dietary supplement study mean that SkinBioTerapeutics (LSE: SBTX) will launch psoriasis treatment before the end of 2021. This is what I was hoping for when I recommended the developer of microbiome-based skin treatments, ”says André.

“The uncertainty is how quickly sales can be built. There might be a temptation to raise more money at the time of launch. The share price quadrupled from 15.5 pence to 63.5 pence. Optibiotix and Seneca Partners sold shares, but that did not hamper the share price. It makes good sense to take a profit, but I will stick with SkinBioTherapeutics, even if it seems to have settled down to that level, at least for now.

Cameco Corp – Vince Stanzione, author of the bestselling The Millionaire Dropout,

NYSE: CCJ, TSE: CCO: So far up 41.4% (from US $ 13.56 to US $ 19.18)

“Very satisfied with the uranium and Cameco. The higher risk trade that I also mentioned, Energy Fuels (NYSEAMERICAN: UUUU), is up about 40%. Uranium undergoes reclassification as clean and ESG-friendly fuel [relatively! – Ed] .

“I expect the trend to continue and I also expect uranium spot prices to rise much more towards the end of the year. The new Sprott Physical Uranium Trust, which is to be listed on the NYSE, will open the market to new investors. “

PLC – John Kingham, UK Value Investor Blog Editor

ADM: up 37.1% to date (from 2,293p to 3,144p)

“I still really like Admiral. I’ve owned it since 2013, it has earned over 200% since then and it still has a dividend yield close to 5% including its regular special dividends,” says John. “There are risks, of course, especially around inbound regulation designed to prevent insurers from ‘chasing’ customers from low teaser rates to higher standard rates. For now though, I guess this regulatory change will not derail Admiral’s long-term future prospects and that the company to expand into adjacent financial services (such as personal loans and pet insurance) and new countries (possibly be beyond its already large presence in Europe and the United States). “

Inc – Peter Sleep, Senior Investment Manager at 7IM

NYSE: BRK.B: Up 23.9% to date (from US $ 224.24 to US $ 277.92)

“I am happy to continue to own Berkshire Hathaway, which is the kind of company that should be owned for years rather than months,” said Peter. “There are a lot of moving parts at Berkshire Hathaway, but the management of the company has an incredible investment record and, since 1965, has posted returns of 2,810,536% or 20% per annum. At the heart of Berkshire Hathaway is an insurance company, the largest railroad in the United States, an energy utility, and a significant stake in Apple. Management has shown confidence in the Berkshire Hathaway share price by recently repurchasing shares. Considering management’s track record of low cost buying, this is a strong statement. “

– advised by Ryan Hughes, Head of Active Portfolios at AJ Bell

LON: FSV: up 21.3% so far (from 239.5p to 290.5p)

“Fidelity Special Values ​​had a meteoric first half as the markets reassessed the UK outlook following the vaccine rollout, and in particular the end of the small cap and value stocks market, where the manager Alex Wright enjoys doing his job, ”says Ryan’s fellow financial analyst Laith Khalaf.

“We remain confident in the manager’s ability to add value over the long term, and believe that in the short term the reopening of the UK economy will also contribute to performance, so we are happy to hold on.”

– Peter Higgins, from the Twin Petes Investing podcast

LON: POLR: up 20% so far (from 692p to 831p)

“As an advocate for long-term investing, I intend to stay with Polar Capital as it continues to be on track to provide investors with excellent returns with which to compose their portfolios. With the inclusion of dividends, stocks have already rewarded shareholders with total returns of 20.6%.

“Their published annual results saw their assets under management (AUM) drop from £ 12.2 billion to just under £ 21 billion. This increases their profitability and allows them to increase their dividend payout to shareholders by 21% over the previous year, ensuring a profitable compound return on investment for long-term investors once again.

PLC – Richard Hunter, Head of Markets at Interactive Investor

LON: NWG: up 19.9% ​​to date (from 169.5p to 203.2p)

“Shares have risen 20% since our start date, or 71% since the vaccine was announced in November,” says Richard. “With the economic recovery in the UK not yet fully entrenched, and with an embarrassment of wealth that could find its way back into the pockets of shareholders, it may well be worth seeing how the rest of the year plays out. The Consensus current market share as a buy tends to support such a course of action. “

IShares ETFs on Electric Vehicles and Driving Technology – Oliver Haill, Proactive Investors

LON: ECAR: So far up 16.1% (from US $ 7.01 to US $ 8.14)

“While the semiconductor / chip shortage in the automotive industry has been the big story this year, there has also been a strong theme of the transition to electric cars that has continued since last year. The composition of the ETF has changed since the December 1 article and the Q1 update. While Tesla is still a dominant position, groups like Kia Motors, GM and Ford have lost their weight, with ‘upstream’ tech specialists Nvidia, Samsung, Garmin, Aptiv, Eaton and Hexagon AB now known to dominate the market. top 10. Other Car manufacturers among the main holding companies are now the Chinese Byd and the Japanese-Indian Indian Maruti Suzuki India, although the latter does not have an EV in the near future, and the auto parts arm Hyundai Mobis . A 16% gain is fine with me and I’m happy to keep humming along with this one.

– Chris Beauchamp, Chief Market Analyst at IG

HLMA: up 12.2% to date (from 2398p to 2692p)

“It’s been a good six months for Halma, thanks to further earnings growth and further increases in her share price,” said Chris. “The strong performance of the past few years has been maintained and looks set to continue, supported by solid fundamentals and a strong management team. “

Man GLG Income – Darius McDermott, Managing Director of FundCalibre

Acc Unit: Up 11.4% so far (from 267.4p to 298p)

Darius chose this fund for its value orientation on the UK, a ‘cheap, unloved and under-owned’ market, which saw a little more love in 2021 as the country took the lead. not on most of the rest of the world with its vaccination schedule. As holding cash offers near zero interest, the fund was viewed as “ideally positioned to benefit from sentiment recovery and economic recovery” for income investors.

FTSE 100 – Neil Wilson, Chief Market Analyst for

UKX: up 8.2% to date (from 6,502 to 7,037.47)

“FTSE has had a good year so far, up almost 10%. I would stick to it – there is still plenty of room to recover to pre-pandemic levels at around 7,700.

“It still looks like a good deal, even though the index itself is something of a dinosaur, heavily focused on old economy stuff. So there’s not a lot of growth in there, with one or two exceptions.

“With a dividend yield of + 3% against 2.3% on German blue chips and less than 2% for the American equivalents, and a PE of 17 against 19 on the DAX and 28 on the SPX, it remains” cheap ”Compared to his peers. “

(All initial prices were taken at noon on December 24, 2020, with updates from the close on June 30, 2021.)


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