So many Tchotchkes, so little time

Tchotchkes can be a kind of conception bridge drug. “There is no limit to the number of Tchotchke things you can own,” said Annie Auchincloss, home buyer for the MoMA Design Store. “It’s just really endless, which can become an object. A beautiful kettle with a postmodern design can be totally impractical to use, but can be displayed on a fireplace.

“But I wonder what people see when they see a 1970s brown and yellow dinnerware set, and it sells out moments after it’s posted,” Ms. Auchincloss added. “Is this how he is pictured?” Is this exactly what they are looking for? “

Instagram providers are “a version of a mom-and-pop store,” she said. “I don’t know if this was spurred on by the pandemic or just the individualism of Instagram, but now our homes are representative of who we are and our own style. Our most basic items like tumblers, serving plates, even our cutlery – we don’t want to buy the CB2 version or the restaurant supply version, we want something that speaks to the personality with which I infuse the rest of my house, which singular story that I create.

The many nods to cartoons (Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger glasses, $ 18 at Starlight Vintage Emporium); in the so-called granny-chic or grand-millénaire style (hand-carved duck figurine with red bow, at opalessence antiques); or objects from the past (so many plastic phones) all suggest a market for childhood nostalgia.

“It’s upbeat and joyful,” Ms. Auchincloss said. “But I also have this theory: it’s these economic and developmentally arrested millennials who have been hit by a recession and a pandemic and are in this perpetual state of childhood, going back to parents saying to themselves, ‘Can you m ‘to help ? “”

Selling on Instagram is a kind of entrepreneurship championed by young women whose lives changed during the pandemic: moving or losing their jobs. “I’ve been in real estate sales for 20 years,” said Amanny Ahmad, 32, artist and chef in Denver, and owner of Puppy Pillow. “In general, I am the youngest and often the only woman. Now there is a queue and a lot of younger women are buying things to sell for their Instagram stores.

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