Taylor Swift set to stop Kid Cudi from winning debut album # 1

Sometimes an album fails to reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200 not because it failed or because it didn’t arrive with an important first frame, but because there is something something even bigger that ends up being just unbeatable. That’s exactly what’s going to happen in the all-genre charts in America’s Next Image, as one of hip-hop’s greatest and most talented figures is about to get a bit of a start. disappointing.

It seemed for a little while that Kid Cudi was heading straight for his No. 1 debut on the next Billboard 200 frame with his latest release. The man on the moon III: the chosen one, as he did not appear to face any serious competition for the throne. The rapper teased the project for weeks, only properly announcing it a few days before it hit download stores and streaming platforms. From the time details became available, Cudi was set to win the week … but soon after, news changed everything.

Shortly after Cudi’s correct announcement The man on the moon III: the chosen one and that it was next December 11, Taylor Swift appeared out of nowhere and revealed that she also had a new project ready – that no one knew anything about. The singer-songwriter shocked the world with the revelation that her new album Always, a companion of his recent outing Folklore, was also due to arrive on December 11.

From the moment Swift told her millions of fans that Always was coming, there was no way anyone else would end up at number 1 after this title enjoyed its first full follow-up period in which to rack up feeds and, most importantly, sales.

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Music industry publication HitsDailyDouble just shared his weekly predictions about how new releases will perform in the charts, and Swift’s Always is expected to move between 300,000 and 350,000 equivalent units, of which around 150,000 are pure purchases. It’s easy enough to secure the star his eighth No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and stop Cudi from grabbing his first.

It seems like The man on the moon III: the chosen one is on track to start at # 2 on the Billboard 200, moving perhaps 150,000 to 175,000 equivalent units. Impressively, Swift will likely sell as many copies of its new project as Cudi accumulates between purchases and streaming equivalents.

Cudi has already passed second on the Billboard 200 twice already, which makes this surprise even more frustrating. His solo business Indicud landed in the second rung in 2013, then repeated that feat alongside Kanye West as one half of the duo Kids See Ghosts, whose debut album reached No.2 in 2018. The man on the moon III: the chosen one will be the seventh top 10 for the hip-hop musician.

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