TB Governor Appoints Mark Boughton as Infrastructure Advisor

Former Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will now take on new responsibilities within the state of Connecticut.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont just announced that current Connecticut Tax Services Department Commissioner Mark Boughton will now also serve the state as the Governor’s senior advisor on infrastructure.

According to a press release from the governor’s office, in this new role, Commissioner Boughton will act as the Lamont administration’s main infrastructure spokesperson and coordinate multi-agency approaches to administer the law funds. recently approved bipartite on investment in infrastructure and jobs. .

Part of the job description will include developing new infrastructure ideas, developing a holistic approach to equity and climate concerns, being the liaison for the state to strengthen Connecticut federal grant applications and ensure that infrastructure plans are coordinated across state agencies.

Gov. Lamont explained the appointment saying his administration is committed to making the most of this opportunity and that Connecticut has some of the best leaders in the country when it comes to setting the tone for both change. climate and thinking about the future in terms of roads, bridges, transit and resilience. The governor called Commissioner Boughton “a vital member of the team ensuring that our investments are coordinated, strategic and fair”.

Boughton’s 20-year experience in the Mayor’s chair at Danbury is something the Governor was looking for as well. Lamont cited Boughton’s knowledge of how local government works and since working at the state level he also knows how state government works.

All this expertise will be useful, especially since the State should receive approximately 6 billion dollars of the 1 trillion dollars of allocations of the infrastructure bill which will be devoted to the improvement of transport, to the Internet access and other state infrastructure initiatives.

The former mayor of Danbury also seemed delighted with his new assignment and was honored to take on the role at what he called “an important moment in the state”. Boughton will also continue to exercise his current role as State Tax Services Commissioner.

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