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A solid opening effort from Legana’s Elyse Page was not enough to lead the team to victory in the TCL Boom on Wednesday night. They faced first-place Longford, who topped a Durhams total of 80 points which was heavily influenced by Tigers bowler Nicole Davey, who had three wickets on just five points. All it took was Longford’s first order from Stacey Norton-Smith (26 points) and Mary Broadhurst (20) to win the game. Bracknell narrowly avoided a uspet against Evandale. Opener Natalie Curbishley and tail Emma Thomas finished Bracknell’s 103 total. Kaye Buchanan (14) gave the Panthers an admirable start, but aggressive bowling and crucial late wickets saw them drop three shy wickets at the end of the innings. . The ACL batting order (4-122) set the tone for a high-profile case against Hadspen (2-118). Trevallyn, second, was on a bye.


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