The inspector who said the Florida tower was in “good shape” is under control

Surfside officials hand-delivered letters to landowners on Thursday advising them that all oceanfront buildings over 30 years old and over three stories tall should hire engineers to begin 40-year construction recertifications required by law – effectively starting the process 10 years earlier. The city is also asking landowners to hire licensed geotechnical engineers to analyze foundations and underground soils.

Mr Prieto spent five years as a home inspector near Miami Beach, where city officials agreed to pay him $ 80,000 a year – more than 50% more than his advertised salary – because he held various major licenses, including one for roofing. City officials who hired him noted that a background check revealed financial problems, including bankruptcy in 2002, his personal file shows.

There is no indication that these issues were related to his competence as a home inspector, but they are generally viewed as potential red flags during pre-employment background checks.

At one point, Mr. Prieto owned his own development company and was involved in several real estate development projects. Court records show that while employed at Miami Beach in 2012, Mr. Prieto again filed for bankruptcy, this time telling court that he had accumulated $ 1.7 million in debt. He said he was losing one of the three properties he owned due to foreclosure.

A few years after starting his tenure in Miami Beach, his bosses complained that he was frequently late, missed more than 20 days of work a year and was often nowhere to be found, according to e- mails from his personal file. The record shows Mr Prieto said he did not call on time because he had sinus problems. His bosses expressed concern that he often did not answer his phone when they tried to reach him.

He was suspended after calling twice for illness several hours after starting his shift.

Surfside hired him in 2013, paying him $ 110,000 a year to be his building manager.

“I was not made aware of a problem. On the contrary, there were people who told me how happy they were with Mr. Prieto, ”said Charles W. Burkett, Mayor of Surfside, noting that he had joined the city after hiring Mr. Prieto. . “You can go back to the committee meetings, and if I remember correctly, people praised him for his responsiveness, demeanor and helpfulness.”

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