The King and Queen greet well-wishers as they return to Clarence House

JThe Queen’s ‘dazzling 1,000 watt smile’ for visitors showed she recognized that everyone who met her would cherish the moment forever, MPs heard.

Greg Clark, a former Conservative cabinet minister, described the “crushing” moment when he met the Queen at the Privy Council, joking: “I understand that men have suddenly been forced to curtsy before Her Majesty, and otherwise capable people swayed the footstool while attempting to kneel on one knee, holding a bible in one hand, and reciting the oath at the same time.

“The only person who didn’t care, as has been said, was Her Majesty herself, who put everyone at ease.”

Mr Clark said he would be ‘always grateful’ to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson for reappointing him to cabinet this summer, noting: ‘I was able to take the oath of office to Her Majesty in person on July 8 at the castle of Windsor.

“And when I shook hands with Her Majesty, I was greeted with the most dazzling 1,000 watt smile, bright eyes that suggested she was absolutely delighted to see me. Now I strongly suspect that Her Majesty’s behavior did not reflect the completion of a three-year I hope the Prime Minister will restore me to my position.

“Instead, it showed that at the age of 96, on a hot summer afternoon, Her Majesty still recognized that for everyone she met, it was a time they forever cherish.”

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