The popular Bayville, New Jersey Bank, will close this year

We’re pretty attached to our banks, aren’t we? They help us move into our new home, build our business, and save for the future. Nowadays, banking has gotten pretty smart with game-changing smartphones. We are just a few clicks away from controlling our cash flow from anywhere. I think about it sometimes, did we ever think it was possible years ago? When you think about it, this is really something we would have seen on the Jetsons.

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Since the internet continues to do its job, brick and mortar locations are getting a little less crowded. This is the case with a local bank that many of us use and love here on the Jersey Shore.

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OceanFirst Bank has proudly served us here in New Jersey since 1902, to put that into perspective, that is, the same year Theodore Roosevelt became the first US President to get into an automobile. Don’t worry, OceanFirst is still helping families with all of their financial needs, but they will consolidate the branch located at 791 Route 9 into the OceanFirst Bank branch located at 900 Lacey Road. This change will occur on December 3 of this year at 2 p.m.

OceanFirst Bank will always be able to serve you at any of its branches in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. They also offer remote banking options such as:

Online banking and bill payment

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Mobile banking with mobile check deposit

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debit cards

Photo by Patrick Tomasso


Video storytellers

Photo by Joyce Busola

I just wanted to let you know about the news so that when you shop you will be notified of the change!

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