TripAdvisor’s 19 wild reviews of some of Berkshire’s top attractions

TripAdvisor can be a blessing when traveling to an area for the first time – but it turns out it’s also the perfect place for Britain’s best moaners to let off steam.

Berkshire is home to some of the country’s finest attractions, many of which have received accolades for years.

However, some reviewers have a different idea of ​​some of the area’s top spots.

Their opinions probably won’t change your perception of Windsor Castle or Lily Hill Park, but they will certainly make you laugh.

Here are 19 of the most unexpected takes from some of Berkshire’s pickiest visitors.

windsor castle

Windsor Castle in Windsor, Berkshire

Ah, Windsor Castle. Home to British royalty for centuries, it is Berkshire’s most famous tourist attraction.

But it’s not for everyone.

One reviewer said: “I hate this place. The center of Windsor is so crowded. The place was very difficult to negotiate by car. I was smoking before I even got to the queues to enter.”

Basildon Park

The 18th century house is surrounded by acres of greenery well maintained by the National Trust.

It’s an obvious place to go to stretch your legs or experience a piece of Berkshire history.

But one reviewer took issue with the “cranky teenagers” working in the cafe who “gave a lot of attitude” and complained: “We are life members of the National Trust and have never had a drink in it. paper cups before. “

Beale Park

Most Beale Park reviews paint a picture of a wonderful place to take kids, where they can learn about animals and get plenty of exercise at the same time.

One visitor, however, thought it was “confusing” and “weird”.

“I actually walked out of this park feeling pretty depressed,” she said. “Really oddly, there are piles of plastic animals scattered among the few real ones.”

Lapland United Kingdom

The highlight of Christmas for many children is a trip to see Santa Claus.

Lapland UK at Ascot provides the perfect setting, with detailed scenery and a captivating cast playing the role of Santa’s elves.

Sadly, an adult man was furious that he was turned away when he wanted to visit without children.

“Sorry, but why do you need a child to visit this attraction,” he said. “Do you think adults wouldn’t like it too? Very disappointed with these T & Cs.”

Royal Windsor Theater

Royal Windsor Theater
Royal Windsor Theater

A stunning building in the middle of Windsor, it’s easy to see why the Theater Royal is so popular with the public.

But it didn’t live up to a reviewer’s high expectations after they went to see a Peter Pan production there, then ranting: “No theft, no crocodile!”

Great Windsor Park

For many, Windsor Great Park is the absolute pinnacle of green space in the UK. The perfect place for that Sunday afternoon stroll with the family.

But if the only review you were looking for was that of this visitor, you would have a very different perception of it.

“We saw two dog fights,” they said. “The Roman ruins were also urinating. A real shame.”

The Museum of English Rural Life

Inside the Museum of English Rural Life
Inside the Museum of English Rural Life

Museums are a great place to learn about times gone by.

Many use artefacts discovered or handed down in different eras to provide a visual representation of history.

If you are wondering why we are giving this explanation, it is because apparently there are people who would describe such a place as offering “just pieces of junk”.

“Never again,” the reviewer said. “The garden was bare too.

Frog House

Frogmore House and its gardens, located in Windsor Castle Family Park, are open to the public at certain times of the year, to pre-booked groups of 15 or more, and during three charity open days in the spring .

However, a father gave Frogmore a star on TripAdvisor and wrote: “Our son wanted to visit him and we can’t take him out of school during the week but when we got to one of the gates on Saturday Last, the policeman at the door said it was only for groups of 15 or more people. So next year. “

Lily Hill Park

Bracknell is home to Lilly Hill Park, a place with an average rating of 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor from over 120 reviews.

The 23-hectare park has won numerous awards and is a favorite spot for families and dog walkers.

But one reviewer thinks he’s’ degraded ‘, saying:’ It’s just a giant dog toilet.

Kennet and Avon Canal

Kintbury Lock on the Kennet and Avon Canal near Newbury, Berkshire
Kintbury Lock on the Kennet and Avon Canal near Newbury, Berkshire

Canals can turn a relatively mediocrity city into a must visit. Look at Venice!

But since their existence, rivers have attracted waste of all kinds.

However, it appears that a TripAdvisor user set the bar a little too high – in the early 1970s, he claimed, the “water quality and chemistry” was so good they could. be drunk “directly from the main body of the canal”. .

Shaw House

This 16th century property was recently restored as part of a £ 6million renovation and is now open to the public and also available for booking for events.

A visitor arrived the same day a wedding exhibition was taking place – and they weren’t happy.

Complaining to a member of staff, they said: “I had a magnet that I wanted to pay for. He asked me if I had any money, I said no and he said OK, well that’s gonna take me a while i said no disturb and off we went.

We are not sure this is a fair review!

Donnington Castle

Donnington Castle was erected in the 14th century and it is frankly remarkable how well it has held its form for 600 years.

But some visitors were comically enraged by the creation of Sir Richard Abberbury the Elder.

One reviewer said: “Quite atrocious. Walk past and look up in disgust.”

Nature Discovery Center

With 4.5 stars out of 227 reviews, Thatcham Nature Center remains one of Berkshire’s most popular parks.

However, don’t make the same mistake as this strict, rule-abiding visitor.

The blue arrows dotted around the trail were originally designed to guide guests around a scenic loop, but as a poor soul discovered in 2015, they now lead you to a housing estate instead.

“We decided to follow the blue arrows for a 3 km walk, all of a sudden the arrows stopped and we were in the middle of a huge area,” they said. “It was over 20 degrees and walking on sidewalks is not ideal.”

Read the ruins of the abbey

Okay, I admit, there are times when people go too far when it comes to health and safety.

Stories of workers learning to carry a cup of coffee to the office, for example, are obviously absurd.

But when authorities have to prevent members of the public from being struck by falling rocks at Reading Abbey, I think it needs to be said fairly fair – however, one reviewer thought differently when he visited.

“Tired of being treated like silly children,” they complain.

Diamond Jubilee Fountain

There is very little in this world as simple but pleasant as a fountain.

This one was installed in Windsor in 2012 after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and it really is a beauty.

And most people seem to agree – with the exception of one TripAdvisor user who said it “stinks of urine” but, oddly enough, gave it two stars anyway.

The sound arch

The Sounding Arch, designed by the great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel for the Great Western Railway, allowing trains to run to Paddington Station in London
The Sounding Arch, designed by the great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel for the Great Western Railway, allowing trains to run to Paddington Station in London

Isambard Kingdom Brunel is well known for being one of Britain’s greatest engineers, building shipyards, train lines and a multitude of bridges.

One of these bridges, The Sounding Arch, can be found in Maidenhead and is well known for its impressive echo when you cross it.

However, a TripAdvisor reviewer didn’t see the fuss, posting what might be one of the site’s more concrete reviews: “Just a Bridge.”

Dinton Pastures County Park

Dinton Pastures is one of the most visited places in Wokingham on Tripadvisor, with over 600 reviews but now an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Of course, in such a popular park, garbage from inconsiderate members of the public is always likely.

But a reviewer just couldn’t comprehend the presence of “muddy puddles.” In a park. In early spring.

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Bucklebury Farm Park

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “fetish”?

Probably not Bucklebury Farm Park, one can assume.

But a TripAdvisor reviewer made the connection, saying the attraction was a “dirty boring barn” and adding, “Dirt is this farm’s fetish.”

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