Upgrade your outdoor space for more fun and profit

Small outdoor structures and flexible spaces that can be used for walking, sitting, or other practical use are also on homeowners’ wish lists, and experts say they’re ideal for introducing a focal point and a touch of personality in a yard or garden. “Pergolas are a great way to define a space and provide a bit of shade,” said Claire Goldman, director of R&R Landscaping in Auburn, Alabama, and a member of the board of directors for the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

According to data provided by Realtor.com, property views for homes with pergolas, gazebos, awnings and pavilions increased 45% from last year, and they are selling 23 days, or 39% faster, than at the same time last year. The median listing price for homes with these types of exterior structures is up 13.4% year over year, reaching $ 453,000 in 2021.

Adding a wooden deck also generates a return on investment. Data from Remodeling Magazine reveals that building a new 16 x 20 foot wooden deck with stairs and railings can cost just under $ 17,000 and has a resale value of $ 11,000, a return of 65.8%. But beware of rushing a project like this, warns magazine editor Clayton DeKorne. “The demand for contractors is so high and the materials are still very late. Perhaps the best advice is to wait, put down a deposit, and lock in the project for next spring.

Along with the lush lawns and pretty landscaping, the curb appeal naturally goes a long way when it comes to resale. Even a fresh coat of paint can do wonders in attracting viewers. Paint brand Dunn-Edwards said trendy exterior colors include mineral and natural hues like warm grays, sage and brown, as well as charcoals and deep blues. Alternatively, the colors that are best to avoid are orange, bright blue, yellow, and red, which are more vulnerable to fading from the sun.

As for all the vegetable gardens planted during the pandemic, they are probably here to stay. On the contrary, the new iterations become more focused and are designed for fresh cut flowers and to attract winged visitors. “We saw a larger opening to a garden of wildflowers and pollinators surrounding the lawn instead of more manicured shrubs,” Ms. Goldman said.

The hardest part might be figuring out which outdoor project to start first, and Goldman recommends approaching the process with caution. “The biggest overall trend is more of the emphasis on thoughtfulness and function. Customers are looking for purpose in their outdoor space, ”she said.

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