Viral children’s show ‘CoComelon’ officially set a new standard on Netflix with this incredible milestone

Earlier this year, Netflix

showcased its Top 10 feature, which ranks the most popular movies and shows on the streaming platform every day, which was a turning point in the way we look at streaming data, as these Top 10 charts are have become our first (and perhaps the only) true daily glimpse into the content that controls the entertainment arena.

And today a children’s program has gone where no other movie or show on Netflix has ever gone before. CoComelon– the hit YouTube series that uploaded to Netflix earlier this year – just had its 62nd consecutive day in the Daily Top 10. And with this milestone, the sing-along show stands alone with the longest streak recorded since the introduction of the Top 10 list.

CoComelon-which has undoubtedly been most viral show on Netflix in two months now — outdated Avatar: The Last Airbender become # 1. Between May 18 and July 17, Avatar was in the Top 10 of the charts for 61 consecutive days. But CoComelon surpassed that streak this morning finishing seventh on the daily list.

Here are the ten longest sequences in the current Top 10 for shows on Netflix:

  1. CoComelon – 62 days
  2. Avatar: The Last Airbender – 61 days
  3. Ozark – 57 days
  4. External banks – 51 days
  5. King tiger – 50 days
  6. The Umbrella Academy – 43 days
  7. All American – 42 days
  8. Cobra Kai – 42 days
  9. Love is blind – 39 days
  10. Space force – 34 days

As you can see, there is a pretty big difference between the top and the bottom of this list. Not even King tiger– who is currently the most popular show on Netflix this year, could remain one of the ten most popular shows on Netflix as long as CoComelon was able to. So during shows as King tiger and External banks and The Umbrella Academy reached higher heights in the Netflix charts, CoComelon has shown the power to maintain a strong position in your target demographic.

CoComelon debuted in the Top 10 of the charts on August 27. Since then, the show has never gone above the 4th position on the daily list, but has also never fallen below the 9th position.

This performance allowed CoComelon—A YouTube program that currently has 92 million subscribers and 78 billion lifetime views — to finish third in September’s Top 10. And this month it looks like CoComelon will finish in fourth place behind Emily in Paris, Schitt’s Creek and The Haunting of Bly’s Mansion.

Nowadays, CoComelon ranks sixth most popular shows on Netflix this year. The children’s program is only three points behind The Umbrella Academy (learn more about my Netflix points ranking system here), and could very well catch King tiger by the end of 2020 if this hot streak continues and becomes Netflix’s most popular show.

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