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In December 2021, I discovered hundreds of pounds of homeless camp trash, including televisions and sofas, submerged in the Willamette River just west of the I-5 bridge that belongs to Union Pacific Railroad . Subsequently, we discovered dozens of abandoned homeless camps in this half-mile stretch of river amounting to several tons of trash. Union Pacific is refusing to remove the tons of trash along the river banks, which have likely doubled since December. The city of Eugene says its hands are tied. The Willamette River Keepers have asked the Oregon DEQ to take action. DEQ responded by stating that it declined to act.

In another agency debacle since 2018, myself and neighbors tried to save our neighborhood of Glenwood from becoming a criminal drug base camp. A block from my house, two houses became drug squats when the owner died and strangers occupied them. Lane County refuses to deal with the deteriorating situation except to complain that copies of emails were being sent to our commissioner. The Lane County Sheriff is virtually unaware of all illegal activity there.

Since 2017, I have requested numerous actions from ODOT, LRAPA, DEQ, State Police and the US Forest Service to address public safety issues, but almost all of them refuse stating that they don’t. don’t have the resources to mitigate current and future damage. Why? I have concluded that Oregon’s Democratic politicians and agency staff have been completely captured by the good old rich boys and are spending every resource to appease the real estate, lumber, paving, and trucking industries.

Shannon Wilson


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