Why is Tim Tebow so polarizing?

I am constantly amazed at the ridicule directed at Tim Tebow, who should be a famous athlete, but who is laughed at by the majority. On Thursday, it was announced that the 33-year-old had officially signed a contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars from the NFL more than a week after speculation began that the Heisman Trophy winner would reunite with Urban Meyer, his college coach in Florida.

Tebow has been a target for many in the media since his glory days as Gator when he brought them back to a national championship with a combination of talent, determination and leadership. Of course, there was always the religion thing with him that seemed to turn some off even though he wasn’t throwing it in anyone’s face unless you considered his kneeling celebratory pose a little too much, known as of “Tebowing”.

His NFL career seemed over in 2015 when he was released by the Jets, and despite his leap into broadcasting, Tebow still wanted to compete, so he gave baseball a try. Critics came from all corners when the Mets signed him to a minor league contract and, although his four-year career was not great, he hit .273 in Double A in 2018, this who is much better than Michael Jordan.

So now he’s giving football another shot at a new position, a tight end and here are the reviews. If anything, they should be wondering why the Jaguars signed him and the simple answer is his relationship with Meyer. If he’s not good enough, even that won’t keep him on the team and he’ll return to the broadcast booth.

Tim Tebow, who is married to a former Miss Universe, is one of the most polarizing figures in sports for all the wrong reasons. At a time when many athletes are getting second and third chances despite criminal type behavior, Tebow is under fire for trying to stay in the game. Shame on those who laugh at him because at the end of the day he will have the last word.

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