Zopa and Abundance mentioned in latest government strategies

Peer-to-peer lenders and mass bond platforms have played a role in the government’s new foreign and green investment strategies.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson this morning (October 19) hosted a global investment summit where a $ 300 million initial public offering (IPO) investment in Zopa was revealed.

The government has said that the financial support Zopa, the world’s oldest peer-to-peer lender, has received will help it grow its responsible and sustainable banking and lending services in the UK.

It was part of a new investment portal launched by the Department of International Trade where investors can assess and access opportunities.

The government has also released its long-awaited net zero strategy.

The 368-page document sets out proposals to help households and the economy move towards net zero carbon emissions.

Ideas included grants for households to upgrade boilers and green mortgages that support eco-friendly homes.

The document mentioned Abundance Investment’s community-based municipal investments or local climate bonds that allow councils to fund local renewable energy projects.

More than 800 Abundance investors have funneled more than £ 2million into projects with the West Berkshire Council and Warrington Borough Council, with more local authority projects in the works.

“We are helping the public save money and contribute to public spending which helps the UK reduce emissions through the NS&I Green Savings Bond,” the document reads.

“The Green Finance Institute and Abundance Investment, supported by UK100, Local Partnerships and Innovate UK, have also launched a nationwide campaign to help local authorities issue one type of municipal financial investment: local climate bonds.

“For citizens, the Local Climate Bond offers a low-risk, fixed-return investment, as well as a way to mobilize their savings to tackle climate change in their region. “

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